Lavender Market

Welcome to Island Lavender, Washington Island!

The Island Lavender fields were planted at the Historic Island Dairy over several foggy spring days in May, 2013. In true island spirit reminiscent of “community barn raisings,” our friends and neighbors came out to help plant the first fields surrounding the Historic Island Dairy. Today, including our other farms on the island, we are growing acres and acres of beautiful lavender plants. Since that foggy morning, our lavender plants, which include many different varieties and types, have thrived. In fact, as we trimmed them back preparing for winter, our plants were still blooming with flowers and buds! If our first plants from Washington State are talking with flowers and buds, we are quite sure that they are very happy in their new home on Washington Island. Perhaps it’s due, in part, to the similarity in names, but likely it’s due to similar soil and micro-climate conditions.

We carefully trimmed our plants during their first year of growth in 2013 to encourage strong root development. Lavender likes warm sun, rocky soil and dry feet. The Washington Island climate and the soil at the Historic Island Dairy are perfect. In fact, in late September, as we were trimming for the final time of the season, we were still able to gather flowers and buds to have genuine Island lavender available for our customers! We are busy at work making new products that we are excited to be able to offer soon. In addition, we cultivated cuttings for new plants which we are currently nurturing.

The Island Lavender store at the Historic Island Dairy is continually refreshed with exciting new products so visit our website and our Facebook page for the most recent news and events.

Visit our cheerful yellow Island Lavender Cart at its home next to the Island Post Office. The Cart will showcase new, exciting products.