Washington Hotel

Washington Island Hotel – Site #7

The Hotel was built in 1910 by Louis Anderson, a master carpenter who built many of the loveliest Victorian homes on the Island. For years the hotel served as the Island’s gathering spot, drawing travelers and islanders to its historic splendor. Inspired by the bustling activity of nearby Detroit Harbor more than 100 years ago, the hotel was built to provide lodging for visiting ship’s captains.

Continue the tour north on Range Line Road, passing by Detroit Harbor Road, Lake View Road and Michigan Road until you reach the second stop sign. Along the way, you will see some lovely farms and quiet woods. It’s quite likely that you will see wild turkeys, deer, pheasants and maybe even one of the many island eagles. Stay watchful for wildlife, it’s abundant in the fields and forests as well as crossing the roads. At the stop sign at Range Line Road you will see The Historic Island Dairy surrounded by acres of lavender fields and a Scandinavian garden pavilion.

If along the way you have time, a mile or so past Detroit Harbor Road, turn right onto Lake View Road heading east to Percy Johnson Memorial Park.

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